pink stuff #13: pink zappin' headset

are you pink techie person,
who loves gadgets and stuff???
wouldn't you love to have a headset like this?

this is made by sony,
its lightweight and comfortable to use.
it fits securely on your head and
its wire free!
it goes with other colors like
white and black...
but i love pink most! ;p

pink stuff #12: pink chopsticks

i wonder if it makes a difference

if you eat with a pink chopsticks???
what do you think?
just a thought!

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pink stuff #11: pink cute baby!

a question though...
is the baby
a boy or
a girl???
regardless of the gender... ;p
the baby's a cutie!!!

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how to hoedown throwdown

i'm not really a hannah montana fan, but i would definitely like to learn the hoedown dance step!
and this video would teach me the moves...

let's dance!

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10 pink stuff!

gosh! i have already posted 10 pink stuff on this blog...
do i need to celebrate???

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from all of those i posted what i like to have are the funky pink bracelet and pink mac laptop!
and what caught my attention was the pink safety helmet... haha! i didn't know there could be a pink one

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pink stuff #10: pink flops!

i'm not one of the people who loves flip flops before...
i usually wear pink sneakers or
any close shoes for that matter.

flops now look appealing to me,
that's why i'm making my dearest hubby
buy me one!

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pink stuff #9: pink funky bracelet

let's accessorize!
i have a bunch of bracelet i've been keeping for a while

and i haven't had any bracelet looking like this.
i love it! it looks funky!
hmm... funky pink!

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pink stuff #8: pink hk mouse and mouse pad

i'm a blogger and i love to be with my computer...
isn't it going to be nice if i pimp my desktop
every now and then?
and i would like to have a matching hello kitty mouse
and mouse pad as its accessories...
way to go, hello kitty!

pink stuff #7: pink betty boop bed

ohh... betty boop
the sexy cartoon character
i love the pink bed sheets, pillows and
the blanket!
did you see, the curtain is pink too? ;p

pink stuff #6: pink delicious cake!

i think being pink gives you the power to look more
gorgeous and delicious! haha!
and that would be a great cake for me!

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pink stuff #5: pink laptop

if ever i have lots of money to spend with... i'll definitely buy beauties like these ones!

and of course, a MAC book!
let's pray i won a lottery just to buy these... haha!

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pink stuff #4: pink charm bracelet

oh... goodie goodie! a charm bracelet!
and its pink!
i love those differently design stars.
ohh... charming!

pink stuff #3: pink construction hat

who said construction supplies can't be too girly???
you're wrong!
i saw this interesting helmet... and not just an ordinary helmet, but this is use by those construction workers...
and its color pink!

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pink stuff #2: pink pet bed

who said people are the only ones who get comfy with their beds?
here's one cute bed for your adorable pet!

luxuriously comfort warm and richly upscale pet beds (w/pillow).

2" strong thick foam sides that supports the bed.

Filled with premium, silky polyfill cushion to make it more comfortable.

Cushion : machine washable on delicate cycle.

Measures 25"L x 4"H x 18W" inch

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pink stuff #1: embroidered child's chair

this sturdy bent wood chair comes embroidered with the child's name (one name only please) on the seat cover with the initial overlaid on the name. This chair measures 17" wide, 18.5" long and 25" high.

this is quite cute and relaxing chair.

let's talk pink! pink stuff is now open!

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everything is pink!

that would be the motto of this blog...

you'll see a lot of pink stuff compiled or featured here... it's, maybe, i own them or just saw them in the net or in a mall.

stay tuned!!!

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