pink stuff #22: pink sewing machine (hello kitty)

woot! i saw a pink hello kitty sewing machine as i surf online... woot! (again)

this is one of my frustrations, by the way...
i would really love to learn how to sew using a sewing machine,
i know how to hand sew but not with the machine.
think i would talk to my mom-in-law and ask her
to teach me how to sew...
hmmm... i can do that!
but first i'll be getting my own pink sewing machine...
and it would be nice if its a hello kitty too,
just like the image!

pink stuff #21: pink kitchen

i love cooking!
and if ever i'll be building my own house,

i want my own little kitchen to be
just like this kitchen...
image by:

its so cool to the eyes...
and it looks refreshing for me too!
architect, draw me a kitchen like this!

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pink stuff #20: pink bags

ohhh... these are every girls collection!
B A G S!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and not only bags... its also pink!
a question though...
why girls likes to collect bags/purses???
hmm... any answers?
yeah, i know!
because... i'm a GIRL!

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