pink notes: who wants a dot com domain? anyone?

just answer this survey and you could get a free dot com domain!

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and we're linked!

yehey! the much awaited bc bloggers 3 is now up and linking!


for those of you who didn't meet the application deadline, i'm sure mommy paula is cooking up another bc blogger batch... so watch out for it, okay?

see the bc bloggers 3 list here.

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under my scam list

have you remember i wrote about a ptc site that i've joined and still waiting for the payout?

well, guess what?

they're still not paying and now i'm listing them under my scam sites!

what are those scammers thinking??? do they think it's funny to waste your time and effort just like that?!?!?

this is not a so good day!

anyway, guys, please watch out for this ptc site... PROMAILS.ORG... they DON'T PAY!!!

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pink notes: happy mother's day

i've been a mother for two years and three months and i say, it really is a learning experience!

everyday is different from the other... it may have ups and downs, but seeing your wonderful little angel grow before your eyes is priceless!  all the stress and frustration of being a parent are all washed away, when you see her smile, say i love you's to you, give you kisses unsparingly and many many more... it's all worth the hassles of being a mom.

anyway, a greeting to every mom and a mom-to-be out there from pink stuff galore, a...

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pink stuff #30: pink ballet shoes

i have a two year old daughter that i would like
to learn how to ballet someday...
of course, she'll start on an early age.
actually, she already showed interest on dancing,
her favorite character in 'little einteins'

likes to dance ballet... her name is june.

so, i'm sure she'll be a good ballet dancer
and this pink ballet shoes would definitely 
fit her cute little dancing feet!

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