pink stuff#36: pink telephone

where do you think i could buy a phone like this?

i know, the model is so old and it'll give you a hard time dialing the numbers... but what the heck, i love the color!

just so you know, i just wanted this as one of my pink collection and not something to use at home, okay? :)

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pink stuff#35: pink twitter homepage

i didn't know i could change the design of my twitter homepage~~
when i was visiting a co-blogger's homepage in twitter ('cause i followed her), i realized that she has a different design on her page.  so looked on the tabs and check if could change my design there... and viola, changed it!

in floral pink!

how do you change it?
  1. click your SETTINGS tab
  2. in your settings page, you can see a lot of tabs again... click on your DESIGN tab
  3. in your design tab, you can choose on the backgrounds offered to you.  but if you want a more customized design, look on the lower right of your sidebar (see my screenshot).  then click on CHECK OUT THEMELEON.
  4. it will open a new window, you can see variety of background templates and colors to choose from.  use them to customize your twitter homepage. 

have fun tweeting!

pink stuff #34: pink and white laptop case

this pink and white laptop case
can be used by the hippies and the professionals.
its clean look makes an impression
that you are using your laptop
with care and being
fashionable at the same time.

love the "sleekiness"!

The Rise of Coupon Codes Means Lower Prices for You

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Initially, these discounts were only available to those who signed up for the e-mail lists. However, sites quickly developed to offer these codes to anyone who was interested. Soon enough, sites began collecting these coupon codes for any interested shoppers. This opens the opportunities for shoppers worldwide without having to sign up for any email lists. You can check these sites for coupons for any item or service you need. The discounts offered span the entire host of products anyone could possibly want. Through these websites, one can take hold of numerous coupon codes. These codes open an entire doorway to savings.

These sites usually offer three different types of codes for your bargain shopping. First, you often find codes on specific products. Often you have to print out individual coupons, but these save you a lot of money with massive discounts if one is persistent. Next, you can often find general coupons for your favorite store. These usually come with a fixed percentage knocked off one item in the store and can help you save on places you regularly shop anyway. Finally, you can find online discounts for the websites of your favorite stores.

You can find massive discounts with just a few extra minutes of searching.
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pink stuff#33: pink eyewears

summer time is almost over
but you can't stop me from
getting another pair of sunglasses...

especially if its pink!

hey, can i also get a clear lens eyeglasses???
just like this?

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pink stuff#32: pink vanity case

being vain is one of women's traits...
and today's generation
men are being vain too!

anyway, only women can have this elegant pink
vanity kit that i stumbled online.

this is perfect for traveling.
it's so elegant looking 
and oh, so cute!

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pink stuff#31: pink keyboard

i have a black keyboard,
but i would really love to have a keyboard
such as this...

a pink one!

RAW's giveaway... love it!

 oohh... i so love giveaways, that's why i'm joining a contest of this hip and trendy apparel named RAW (Rock And Wear).

i might be lucky enough to grab at least one of the prizes, check the prizes out:

  • 1 Pair of Customized acid washed denim shorts by RAW
  • 10% Discount on your next purchase of at least PhP 500 From RAW
  • Surprise FREEBIES from RAW and Mikki. 

don't miss this promo,
this will starting from may 26
until june 22.
for more contest mechanics, visit 
miki's blog.

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