pink stuff# 26: pink swimwear

swim time!
who said only big girls can wear swimsuits???

little ones can also strut their stuff
;) you know what i mean...

and i also saw online line a matching polka dot
swim wear for big girls.
i have, almost the same design as my
bathing suit.
but it goes with pink and blue!

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pink stuff #25: pink 'cuppy-cakes'

see these yummy pink cupcakes!
not that i want to eat them but
i also 'wanna make 'em!
is there somebody kind enough to 
donate money,
so i could buy an oven??? ;p

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scam or not?!?!

i have joined this pay to click ads and pay to read emails, for a free account, from an acquaintance in facebook...
it says that every pay to click ads is worth $25, pay to read emails is worth $50, sign up bonus is $250 and referral bonus is $25. minimum payout would be $10,000 for the free account and no payout limits for those who are members of gold accounts.

i have joined this for about a few weeks now, and i'm receiving a lot of alerts to read their emails... that's good 'cause i have reached the minimum payout of $10,000.

but of course, i do have bad feelings for these pay to click programs... not until i see my funds in my paypal account, that's the time when i will really be believing them, right?
as i was saying, i already reached the minimum payout, now i requested for payout process but look what happened...

so, for those who have joined this pay to click/pay to read mails program,, kindly give me a feedback if this stuff really works...

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