join earth hour

as i can remember, this would be my 2nd earth hour...

its good to know that people are participating in this kind of earth event, i thought people couldn't care less of what we are doing to our planet.

anyway, i encourage everyone to participate... let's turn off our lights this evening, 8:30-9:30... an hour can't hurt anyone , right?

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pink stuff #28: pink drum set

 a pink drum set for my little one,
i think... hmmm...
i know she loves music
even though she just turned two,
and seeing her playing drums 
is an exciting experience for a mom like me.
i don't even know how to play a single instrument i know!
poor mommy... :(

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pink stuff #27: remote control

i just thought of looking for a 
pink remote control 
in the web...
i don't know why
but anyway, i got a chance to find one here...

i found it in the web and was posted ages ago
cute, isn't it?
it's not only pink
but also a
heart shape, one of my fave shapes...
the downside? (for me)
it's too big for you hold... 

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