pink stuff #57: pink musical keyboard

One of my little daughter's interest is music.  As a mom, I have to support and nourish her GOD-given talents.

We already bought her own cassette/ CD player, her cute purple echo-microphone, and now I'm planning of giving her a musical instrument this coming Christmas... as one of her Christmas gift!

That's why, I'm saving up for her personally picked musical instrument... a PINK KEYBOARD!  Now, I'm crossing all of my fingers for more online opps, so I could buy this cute pink keyboard for her... Smiley

pink stuff #56: pink ballet dress

My lovely little daughter has grown a liking to Little Einstein's ballet dancer, June.
Ever since she started watching it, as she turned one, she never stopped watching her!  She imitates June's dance moves, her ballet leaps, her twirls and even her cute bow!
Because of this, hubby and me, decided to let her take ballet classes when she turns five or so.  I know she'll be ecstatic and she'll enjoy every minute of it!
I think I'm the one who's excited... Smiley  Well, I can't wait to see her wear those cute little ballet dresses and ballet shoes, and of course, I want to see her perform on her ballet recital and clap my loudest applause for my little ballerina...Smiley

Music With Her Beat

My little girl loves music, even though she doesn't know how to play the keyboards or a little guitar, you can still see her give her best performance to her imaginary audience plus the mommy... ;)
I know that someday, she'll really her skills and be one of those talented and well-known singers... that's why I'm looking for a notation software that could give her some practice in making her own music.  First, of course, I would still need to enroll her in a good music school and start getting her basic lessons with music.  Next step, Rock and Roll!

pink stuff #55: pink sheets

ohh... so sleepy right now
while i don't want to go back to sleep, might as well share to you some facts about sleeping.
  • The average human will spend 1/3 or their life sleeping, which equates to about 20 - 25 years over 75 Year life span.
  • It's impossible to tell if someone is really awake without close medical supervision. People can take cat naps with their eyes open without even being aware of it.
  • The "natural alarm clock" which enables some people to wake up more or less when they want to is caused by a burst of the stress hormone adrenocorticotropin. Researchers say this reflects an unconscious anticipation of the stress of waking up.
  • To drop off we must cool off; body temperature and the brain's sleep-wake cycle are closely linked. That's why hot summer nights can cause a restless sleep. The blood flow mechanism that transfers core body heat to the skin works best between 18 and 30 degrees. But later in life, the comfort zone shrinks to between 23 and 25 degrees one reason why older people have more sleep disorders.
  • Teenagers need as much sleep as small children (about 10 hrs) while those over 65 need the least of all (about six hours). For the average adult aged 25-55, eight hours is considered optimal
  • Experts say one of the most alluring sleep distractions is the 24-hour accessibility of the internet.
  • The record for the longest period without sleep is 18 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes during a rocking chair marathon. The record holder reported hallucinations, paranoia, blurred vision, slurred speech and memory and concentration lapses.
  • One of the best predictors of insomnia later in life is the development of bad habits from having sleep disturbed by young children.
  • Dreams may not serve any purpose at all but be merely a meaningless by-product of two evolutionary adaptations sleep and consciousness.
  • Exposure to noise at night can suppress immune function even if the sleeper doesn’t wake. Unfamiliar noise, and noise during the first and last two hours of sleep, has the greatest disruptive effect on the sleep cycle.
these are just some interesting facts about sleep, you can see a lot more when you search the web.


She Ate Too Much

Well, that was one hearty snack!
I made little pizzas from 'pandesal' bread this afternoon, and my Little Zoie ate a lot (not to mention my sister too)!

When my sister and my baby started playing, my sister suddenly complained about her tummy.  She just ate those little pizzas, and that wouldn't give her diarrhea, right?  Well, if she does, I don't have any diarrhea home remedies stored in the house, that means she has to go home.

But luckily, it wasn't diarrhea, it was just dyspepsia... She just ate too much! Smiley
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pink stuff #54: pink garbage can

We should always be conscious of our environment, it's not getting any cleaner.

There should be garbage cans placed in all places, especially public areas like, train station, public utility vehicles, parking lots, malls, parks and I guess every street in the community.

People nowadays couldn't care more on where they are throwing their trash.  Even though little candy wrappers, they just throw anywhere for their own convenience.
Actually everyone can help, in their own little ways... it can decrease at least a pile of garbage in a dump site or even in rivers... yes, sadly, people dump their trash in rivers too.  Just put away the candy wrappers in your pocket for a while and throw it away when you see a trash can along the road.  A small action can help clean up the environment.

pink stuff #53: pink alarm clock

Hubby has a dawn shift in his call center job, and it's very hard for me to wake him up!  Maybe I need some help from a professional... Smiley

I think this pink and cute alarm clock can do the trick!  But I guess hubby would object on the color... he'll say its too girly, since he is the one who is going to use it, he needs a darker color.

Nah, I won't do it... I will be buying it anyway, hah!

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pink stuff #52: pink rocking chair

i thought when i searched the web of pink rocking chair i could see a lot of those, you know... let say traditional rocking chairs and chairs used by adults, but instead i saw some modernized rocking chairs and these rocking chairs are not just for adults but can be used by kids too!  

is that what you call ergonomics?  or innovation? hmmm... 

anyway, if ever i could see one like this, in the offline world, i might think of buying this for my little kiddo... well, it is hello kitty you know... 

but i'm wondering? it says that this is a rocking chair too, but how do you think it rocks?

and this one too?

Friday Fill-Ins #192

1. Family is my home, that's why this is where my heart is.

2. I hate going back and forth, need to plan things smoothly to avoid this.

3. I love a well relaxed vacation with lots and lots of foods and a nice back massage!

4. Pasta in white sauce, a glass of mango shake and a slice or two of chocolate cake makes a good meal.

5. I've got the grandest love for my family.

6. Seeing them again... : wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to update my blogs and sleep early, tomorrow my plans include no online activities and Sunday, I want to sit back and relax, church time!


pink stuff #51: pink cowboy hat

my little girl is getting addicted watching her little einstein's cartoon series in

one of her favorite episodes is about their mission in the wild west... and she can't stop pointing little annie's pink and white cowboy hat with a star in the middle of it... somewhat the same in the 1st image.

i'm into collecting caps and hats before... but i haven't had any cowboy hat in my collection.  now that i think of it, where do you think i could find a best pink cowboy hat around here...

i know my hubby will ask... "where will you use it?" 
the answer... hmm... "it's a girl thing"  Smiley

Getting A Driver's License

My hubby is planning of getting a driver's license, not that we have a car but for additional identification.

Of course, before you can get a license you need to pass series of exams and especially passing a drug test too, is very essential.

Thanks to our friend, he taught hubby how to drive and gave him some tips in passing the series of exams.

Now, he just need to schedule his visit to our Land Transportation Office and get his license.

pink stuff #50: pink thermometer

Weather in the Philippines these days are very unpredictable... sometimes the sun is heating up and sometimes the rain is pouring down.

Because this very unstable weather condition, my little girl is now having fever.  And I'm monitoring her temperature very now and then, especially that dengue cases here are rising up.

I'm praying that its not dengue, I hope its just because of the bad weather...

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