pink stuff #17: pink watches

what time do you think it is???

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time to grab this pink watches, girls!
these are nice pink watches you can buy from
D&G, baby G and a lot more!

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let's talk with dneero!

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pink stuff #16: pink jeans... oh, skinny!

skinny jeans are sooo "in" nowadays,
you would also look sexier when you wear this

and not only that,
you would also look skinnier
on dark pinks!

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pink stuff #15: pink heels

pink's the best, i say!
even though i don't really wear
this high heeled shoes
it will look good on my feet...

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pink stuff #14: pink psp!

pink psp!
love it!!!
and i've gotta have it!

actually let's change the cover of my psp
to pink... ;p

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