Friday Fill-Ins #200


1. Why does everybody gets so buzzed up with buying Christmas gifts?

2. I wish I have lots of money to see the world.

3. Thank you for not changing since the last time I saw you.

4. New Year is my favorite holiday because its another year of starting anew.

5. I am SO tired right now.

6. We are going to be whatever we make up our minds to be.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to rest because I'll tired after my shopping at DIVISORIA, tomorrow my plans include clean the house and set up Christmas decorations and Sunday, I want to relax and watch a movie!

pink stuff #69: pink blinds

This December is a total pimping of our small but lovely abode.  Some furnitures are coming in, and because the stuff are new I need to re-decorate the place.  Well, if ever pink blinds can complement the new furnitures, I'll definitely be getting pink then.

Hmm... on a second thought, I'll put these blinds in our room! Haha!  I guess, hubby wouldn't approve... but still I love it!  There's nothing he can do about it... it's 2 to 1!
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pink stuff #68: pink casserole

I need a new set of casserole!

Haha! I haven't got a set yet, so I really want one... Maybe this coming Christmas somebody can think of giving me a set, right?
Well, if not, I'll tell hubby to buy a PINK set for me, if he can find one... Smiley

Friday Fill-Ins #199


1. When pigs fly, don't you think it would be a little strange when you see them in the sky?.

2. Are you taking this matter seriously?!

3. Call me if you need me.

4. You should not be doing that, if you know what I mean.

5. The most entertaining person in my life is my little daughter because as she grows, you can see her wonderful and unexpected antics that will melt your heart.

6. After the Pacquiao-Margarito fight, who's next?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to celebrating my mother-in-laws birthday, tomorrow my plans include staying at the in-laws and Sunday, I want to watch the Pacquiao and Margarito fight!

Thermal Clothing A Cold Trend

Have you heard of thermal clothing?

Honestly, I haven’t.

When you say thermal clothing, according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, they are clothes designed to prevent losing body heat. These thermal clothing provides warmth, as well as comfort, without compromising your sense of fashion; this is a great addition to the innovation of the fashion world.

These thermal clothing are very trendy nowadays, they vary from men’s clothing to ladies’ apparel, from trousers to pants, from footwear to slippers; and to hats, gloves and scarves! It just crossed my mind… do they also design and make thermal ladies underwear? What do you think?

Now, I just stumbled on this site specializes in selling thermal clothing that they make. They say that they are using Thermolactyl, is a kind of fiber that when used in clothing and worn keeps the person wearing it hot… it has insulation qualities. They’re offering different grades or levels of warmth of clothing that suits your environment. If you are experiencing milder winter season, a lower grade of Thermolactyl in the clothes is okay, but for extreme cold, you should choose a higher grade.

You know, it’s a good thing they have discovered this fiber… you don’t have to put on a lot of layers of clothes just to feel warm on cold, cold days.

pink stuff #67: pink computer table and chair

Just a thought...

I purchased my computer table from a computer accessories shop last July, and I just realized that those shops who sells computer related-furnitures only offer 2 colors of the furniture... it has to be black or brown... hmmm...  There's no pink furniture available!

I guess if you want to have your computer table to be pink, you'll have to paint it yourself!

Frustrating, isn't it? Smiley

pink stuff #66: pink gas stove

I am in a hunt of a two burner gas stove, can it be pink? lols!

Anyway, I'm only using a single burner stove... and this stove is a prize I won from a raffle draw from my previous work.  They we're also giving away double burner stove but instead I got the single burner... I never had any luck from raffle draws I participate... well, at least I got something, right?

I hope before November ends, I could buy a new one... its not that expensive, I know, but I rather wait for an extra budget before I buy a new one.

It's not really a necessity as of the moment, it can still wait... Smiley

Friday Fill-Ins #198


1. Sometimes, my patience tends to loosen up, especially when I get worried over something.

2. Let's just forget about the whole thing.

3. Small but handy.

4. Listening to praise songs is very enlightening.

5. I keep meaning to say thank you for every small things you've done, mahal!

6. Ate already and ...yet.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to eating KFC Bucket, tomorrow my plans include doing grocery and Sunday, I want to blog some more!

pink stuff #65: pink bowling ball

Hubby and me promised ourselves we will be playing a game of bowling this month.  I suddenly have the urge to play bowling again.

The first time I played this sport, was when we were still dating.  That maybe the first time I played, but I have scored many 'STRIKES', not bad eh?

Now, I am sure I'm going to win this game... and get a lot of strikes!  Better watch out, hubby! Smiley

pink stuff #64: pink washing machine

One of my Christmas Wishlist is a washing machine.  I've been doing laundry using hand-wash, at first it was okay... but as soon as the laundry keeps on piling up, I am starting to get annoyed by it.  If I could just wash clothes faster with my hands that wouldn't be a problem.

Now that I have a lot of things to do, I badly needed a heavy duty washing machine... I still have piles of clothes to wash!

Like my hubby said, I don't have to hand wash it anymore, if I could still wait until next month, he's going to buy me my much wanted washing machine.

Thank goodness... I sure wish some appliance store is selling a pink washing machine! Smiley
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