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From skinny jeans to tops, the Apple Bottom clothing line caters to women everywhere. Tops come in a wide range of colors that are designed to make you feel and look sexy. Rap artist Nelly designed the clothing line with all women in mind. The line has looks, and fits, that compliment the bodies of both thin and full-figured women. The label recognizes the fact that real women have curves, and encourages women to flaunt them. They have multiple styles and colors so that all women can choose items that they love easily.

You may be surprised to find that the clothing label designs more than just jeans. In fact, they have an entire line that features workout gear, jewelry and even handbags. In addition to clothes that have the company's branding on them, they have clothes that are simpler in style and can be worn for numerous occasions. Women everywhere purchase clothes from the line and wear them to work, out to a club and even to the gym. It doesn't matter where you're going, or what type of style you have, Apple Bottom has clothes for all women.

Clothing from the line is designed to make women feel good about themselves whether they are at the office or in a dance club, and the company succeeds in its mission. In addition to fashion, they also hold a Miss Apple Bottom contest. During the contest they choose one applicant that they feel represents the Apple Bottom line the best. In addition to free stuff, the contest winner has the chance to meet Nelly in person. They choose women who are confident and understand the company's mission. After all, Apple Bottom has set out on a mission to treat all women equally, and they want proud women to represent them.

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