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yes, you heard it right!

there's this latest buzz that diamond earrings are being given away for free! oohh... girls would be ecstatic when they hear this... 

but of course, you'll ask are these real diamonds?  according to, as much as they want to give away real diamonds, they're just giving diamond substitute such as cubic zirconia or the likes.  also take note on this, the earrings are free but you'll have to pay $3.77 for the postage and handling, but it is only a one-time payment.  well, that is just 3 bucks for a very nice earrings, don't you think?

anyway, these diamond earrings can make a very great gifts... you can give this to your wife or mother or your girlfriend.  they would be very happy in receiving these, you know what people say about diamonds... that, diamonds are girls' bestfriends!

i would totally agree!  girls like me loves accessories... and gosh, diamonds???  it would go with every outfit you wear, and its beauty and value never fails!  so, who says that diamonds ARE not forever?

hope my hubby can read my blog and get me one... this would be a great gift for our 3rd year anniversary! Smiley **cross-fingers**

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