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When I was kid, I was kinda curious of those who wear those pocketed belt around their waist.  Mostly men wear this belt, I also saw women wear these but in dark colors.  I love bags that has a lot of compartments, so I could put anything I want... may it be unnecessary stuff or not!

Nowadays, utility belts are beginning to be a fashion statement and not just simply 'the utility belt'.  I have one but its not pink.  Unfortunately, pink colors wasn't available at that time, I guess.  But because I'm a sucker of last stock inventory, I grabbed it the moment the saleslady said it was the last stock, better than nothing, right?

If ever I stumble some pink utility belt somewhere, I would definitely buy it this time!

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October 27, 2010 at 11:41 PM
Willa :

This one is perfect for a handy mommy!

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